Cedar Plank Grilled Salmon

Happy Tuesday!!! How was everyone’s weekend? The family and I went with some friends to Lake Okaboji.  I was ready for a relaxing weekend of lounging, boating, and jet skiing.  While we had fun, relaxing is not an accurate way to describe it.  Apparently 8 month olds don’t like relaxing.  And THIS one really isn’t…

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20 Minute No Equipment Track Workout

As I get ready to head out of town for vacation I REALLY didn’t want to pack any equipment. It’s hard enough leaving town with an infant (can you say pack and play, walker, high chair, diapers, and lord knows what else), there is no way I’m packing a kettlebell, dumbells, etc. We’ve all been…

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Cauliflower Crust Pizza

A low carb, gluten free, option for Pizza that is FULL of flavor (you don’t even know the crust is a vegetable.  Happy Tuesday! I’ve got a short week ahead before we head off for a family vacation in Okaboji. Can we say Boo-yah?? Except its a family vacation so there will be no sleeping…

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The sneaky way to get your family to eat their greens

Most people don’t like green vegetables.  Spinach, kale, swiss chard just aren’t things that make it into the average American’s diet. Let’s be honest, they are kind of an acquired taste. But the thing is that your body is begging you for them.  Dark leafy greens like spinach and kale are loaded with vitamins and…

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How to get a spray tan while breastfeeding

The No-Fail Technique to getting a spray tan while breastfeeding

There is something about having a spray tan that makes me feel like the hottest chick on the block.   I could literally do NOTHING different with my hair, makeup, or attitude but feel like a whole new woman once I’m tan. Does this make me shallow?  I’m not sure, and honestly I don’t even…

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Thursday’s Workout-You’ve got 20 Minutes!

When you have kids it is hard to get to the gym some days.  When you’ve got kids, a husband, a job, 2 dogs, and a lawn that hasn’t been mowed in a week its even harder. But you still want to get a workout in. Well I’ve got a solution for you….. This 20…

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Strange Shit I have learned this month

As the month of May comes to a close I have a 6 month old on my hands.  A 6 MONTH OLD! Ok first of all where did the time go? And second of all I’m super proud of myself for keeping a tiny human alive for a whole 6 months.  Go me. Many of…

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Pumping at Work: 5 Tricks to making your life easier

Copyright Photos by Annie Farber This week in our series how to feed your kid we talk about going back to work and having to pump.  Oy! Since I only leave Piper part of the time and I work from home I didn’t have alot of experience with this so I recruited my old…

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What to do when your baby has acid reflux

In week 3 of our feeding your kid series I introduce to you my friend Chelsea.  Chelsea and I both went to Simpson College and she married a friend of mine and now has her own little guy that was born a few months after Piper.  Chelsea is a hippie vegan which is one of…

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HOW to feed a baby formula

Its week 3 in the How to Feed your kid series.  This week Olivia is back to talk to us about logistics of formula feeding.  To catch the first part of her journey to formula feeding click here.  Stick with us as each Tuesday we talk about a different element to feeding your baby. Now…

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