How to Get Your Husband to Eat Healthy

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Is your husbands cookie and pizza habit dragging down your healthy eating?

Been there.

I’ve got a few tips to help YOU get HIM on board.

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Why your Goals Suck and What to do About It

Goals Suck Thumnail

Keep setting goals over and over but failing to ACTUALLY achieve any of them? I get it. I used to have the SAME problem. Then I came up with a little trick that honestly changed everything for me. Watch the video →

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14 Holiday Gifts for Fitness Lovers

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All I want for Christmas… Is everything that Lululemon Sells.   But I’ve refrained… Instead… I’ve compiled my FAVORITE items for YOU to buy for that fitness fanatic on your list (or for you to buy for yourself if you’re anything like me. From the best freaking tea I’ve ever had to one of my […]

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How to Survive the First Trimester of Pregnancy


I’m pregnant again….. Yay! And a little bit of barf I’m going to go out on a limb here and say something you might not agree with. The first trimester of pregnancy SUCKS. There is (at least for me) this narrow window of time between finding out that I’m pregnant and the sickness kicking in. […]

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5 People I want to shut up

shut up

  Being a mom is tough work. Especially in the whole social media age where it never ceases to amaze me the stupid shit people say on the internet.  We’ve become bossy, insensitive, and completely lost our ability to listen (that’s where you don’t talk you HEAR what the other person is saying). Maybe now […]

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How to Build a Better Breakfast- 3 Tips


“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!!!!”   Can’t you just hear your mom saying it in a sing-songy voice with a slight undertone of condensation as you lay sleeping in your bed praying that she leaves you alone.  You need just 5 MORE MINUTES of sleep!!!? The concept of eating breakfast everyday is […]

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How to Take your toddler out to eat in 24 easy steps


I will be the first to say it. I did NOT appreciate the days enough when Piper sat in a car seat and slept the entire time that Tyler and I would be out to eat.  It was just TOO easy and I didn’t even see it. Man those were the days. Now…. She’s 15 […]

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25 days of fitness challenge beings NOW

25 Days of Fitness

Fall off the wagon over Thanksgiving? It’s ok it happens But don’t wait until January 1st to turn things around.  Stay healthy and active with the #25daysoffitnesschallenge Here’s how it works Each day on Facebook and Instagram I’ll be posting a new mini fitness challenge for you.  Some days the challenges will be physical, other […]

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Tone it Up Thursday: Grab a kettlebell for this full body burner

Crossfit style workout

I love AMRAPS (as many rounds as possible).  I know exactly how long I’m going to be working which mentally makes the workout just a little bit easier for me.  Something about not knowing if a workout is going to take me 15 minutes or 30 minutes just scares me. You can call me a […]

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Tone it up Thursday: Work your whole body in just 15 minutes

At home crossfit workout

It’s Thursday… Time to get sweaty. Take 15 minutes (ish) for you and try this workout TODAY.  Make sure to post how long it took you and what you thought in the comments below. READY….GO!

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